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E-books for Schools

Red Pepper Online is a proud Snapplify partner in Southern Africa which means that you now have access to a wide range of e-books at your fingertips!

Looking for a school textbook, a university textbook, or any other academic reference work in e-book format? You've come to the right place.

Snapplify offers a convenient eReader for instant access to content on all devices The eBook Reader is a feature-rich and robust eReading platform that enables access to content on multiple types of devices and in various formats.

The eBook Reader is designed to make life easier and simpler by providing the most accessible and functional all platform reading app! Supported devices include mobile, such as tablets and smartphones, and personal computers via all browsers or directly from the desktop. It is the ideal way to read, view, and play content directly after purchasing or downloading.

Click hereto viewstep by step instructions (whether you're technically challenged or not) on buying e-booksand setting up your tablet or smart phone to use the Snapplify app.


SNAPPLIFY E-BOOKS: Academic features

The eReading platform has a full range of academic tools that are designed to transform textbooks, making them more engaging and creating a richer user experience. Students can make notes, highlight text and bookmark pages on any textbook or journal, accessible to them across multiple devices, even those on different operating systems. The notes are stored in the Snapplify cloud servers for safe and secure access. Ideal for a school or library environment, as it supports multiple users by unique username and password sign in.

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The Mobile Reader

The Mobile eBook Reader supports all content purchased in the Snapplify mobile stores, including ePUB 3, Fixed Layout, Apple Fixed Layout and PDF content; it is also an Android Reader, and an iOS Reader, all in one! We offer three different skins to suit your content: Default Grey, Classic White or Retro Bookshelf. Classic White and Retro Bookshelf are available for all Professional and Enterprise Newsstand clients, Original Grey is considered the default and available to all three packages.

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The Web Reader

The Web Reader enables users to read their content directly online via a browser, on PCs and Mac computers. It supports all the same content as the Mobile Reader and the Desktop Reader and is accessed directly from Snapplify Webstores.

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Desktop Reader

The Desktop Reader brings all the functionality of the mobile and web readers direct to your desktop computer. This reader is ideal for academic environments such as classrooms and computer labs. Users can use the same annotations in the Desktop version as the mobile one, eg. making notes, highlighting sections, look up words, etc. It does not include any eCommerce functionality.

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Bringing eTextbooks to schools in all environments

SnappBox is a hardware distribution solution for eBooks, allowing students to access eBooks within a school via their intranet as opposed to downloading eBooks individually via the internet.

How it works

Snapplify aggregates content from leading publishers such as Oxford University Press, Pearson, Macmillan, Wiley and more, and make it available from the Snapplify Content Cloud. All eBooks are protected by SnappSafe DRM and read via the Snapplify Reader.

Students can download eBooks directly from the Snapplify Content cloud, but if another student has already downloaded that title it will be instantly available. An eBook title need only be downloaded once, as the title will then exist on the SnappBox for other students to download instantly. This ensures that bandwidth is spent wisely and also improves the user experience. It also means that students always have the most recent version of the textbook as the SnappBox synchronises with the cloud.

Enabling schools with limited or no internet connectivity to embrace eBooks

Not all academic institutions or libraries have high-speed internet, which makes digital books and textbooks a less viable alternative to physical textbooks. However, these institutions want and need to be a part of the digital age, complete with all the benefits, despite the many challenges. We developed the SnappBox solution to address the challenges hindering these institutions from going fully digital.

The SnappBox also enables rural schools with limited or no access to internet to access digital textbooks, as it can be preloaded with thousands of eBooks, which they can connect to locally even while not connected to the internet.

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E-books for Schools