The Art of Money: How to Win the Wealth Game

The Art of Money: How to Win the Wealth Game


Author: Dr. Daleen Smal

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Are you on your knees because of the overbearing weight of debt? Do you want more control over your finances without sacrificing time spent with your family? Do you want to escape your dead-end job or get your business on a better footing? With The Art of Money, say goodbye to your financial fears and stresses, and learn how to play – and win – the wealth game! 

In this book, discover how you can get out of debt and gain financial freedom by mastering the art of managing your money, as well as powerful strategies that could increase your wealth through passive income streams or starting your own business. Within these pages, any ordinary person or business owner will find a useful and easy-to follow roadmap that will change their lives and liberate them from the burden of debt.  

Set out to live the life you have always dreamed of by understanding the fundamentals of money, empowering you to make informed decisions by changing your spending habits, organising your budgets and investments, achieving a positive monthly cash flow with surplus funds to invest, building your net worth and your business systems, and by gratefully giving back to others in order to become a successful entrepreneur... and someone who has changed the lives of others. 

Book Details

ISBN-13: 9781772044690
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Black Card Books
Publication Date: June 2016
Country of publication: USA

About the Author

With almost 40 years of experience to feather her cap, Dr. Daleen Smal worked as an economist and central banker in the South African Reserve Bank where she was involved with monetary policy formulation. She spearheaded the research and modelling teams, giving sound advice to decision makers and playing a highly respected role in the economic reality of a nation. She authored several policy papers and travelled the world, participating in policy workshops and seminars.

Following her active career in the central bank, she founded a number of successful businesses. She is a public speaker and has attended summits by world-renowned speakers and business owners, such as Sir Richard Branson, JT Foxx, Andy Harrington, Lady Michelle Mone MBE, Mark Norcross, George Ross, Brian Tracy and Steve Wozniak. 

Combining her understanding and knowledge of business, financial markets and the functions of an economy, she developed the Grow Your Own Economy Solution™ to help others win the wealth game. Ever willing to share her knowledge and truly believing in what she is doing, she is now making available to the world her wisdom, providing to many others a chartered plan to manage their finances and increase wealth to create their own personal dream life and legacy.


I have known Daleen for many decades. At first as a colleague at the South African Reserve Bank, but later as a one of the foremost econometricians and theoretical economists in the country. Finally, I have known Daleen as a friend that shared a common love for the dismal science. Daleen’s passion and insights in economics never failed to inspire me and everybody prepared to share in her wide knowledge.
Dawie Roodt (South Africa) Chief Economist/Director, The Efficient Group

Simple, straightforward and honest, The Art of Money takes you through exactly what you need to know about winning the Game of Wealth… from someone who lives and breathes it. Now you can too.
Thuy-Ai Nguyen (Australia) Founder, World Class Wealth

In The Art of Money, Dr. Daleen Smal unlocks the secrets to financial freedom and prosperity. She uses her expertise as economist and former central banker to explain the process in an accessible way so anyone can build wealth.
Sharmila Soosaipillai (UK) Real Estate Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Coach

What I found great about The Art of Money is how Daleen has put her heart and experiences into this book; it really shows her passion to contribute. It’s not a get-rich-quick book, and is very easy to read for anyone at any level to give them the confidence and steps to guide them through their own journey to wealth. I highly recommend this book from an amazing person.
Kristin Harper (New Zealand) Director, Sales Blueprint

I have known Dr. Daleen Smal in both a business and a social setting, and have professional standards as well as her ability to connect with everyday working people with compassion and empathy. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her abilities to understand the issues the majority of us face with developing a successful financial strategy and the steps required to implement the moves to reach our goals. Daleen’s sincere commitment to see people moving out of the poverty cycle and achieving abundant success is a quality much needed in our financially turbulent times. I wish all the people reading her book a great continually been impressed with her prosperous future.
Kim Baker (New Zealand) Managing Director, CoralTree Organic Products Ltd

Dr. Daleen Smal has put her technical wisdom about the economy and finances into down-to-earth terms that every individual can apply and profit from. The Art of Money is a life-changing book.
Oei Aisoen (Singapore) Entrepreneur, Speaker

A must-read for everyone who desires financial freedom and are looking for direction on how to achieve it.
Julie Nicolai (Germany) Social Media Consultant

What I love about Daleen Smal’s book, The Art of Money, is that it covers not only strategies for growing your wealth but it also covers the fundamental points that most books on wealth creation fail to give enough attention to. Daleen understands that your mindset is fundamental to your financial health. As she mentions in her book, many lottery winners or others who come into unexpected money, find themselves without that money in a short space of time. The alternative is true – those who have the right attitude and beliefs around money will make their wealth back again if they lose it all. This is what sets Daleen’s book apart from others on the subject of money. In addition, Daleen writes in an informative, jargonless style, which makes the book easy to read. She challenges the readers’ thought processes all the way through and with her extensive experience in the field of banking, she talks you through, clearly and simply, the steps you need to take to win the wealth game. Anyone who needs to get their finances in better shape should read this book.
Carole Fossey (UK) Prize-Winning Author – The Book on Recruitment, Business Owner, International Business Coach

Dr. Daleen Smal, with her years of experience in South Africa’s central bank, lays out a perfect blueprint for the reader to maximise their finances. Her plan works just as well in the USA and any other country as it would in her home country. Take the time to apply the principles and ideas she has set before you, and you will be able to retire very well, and maybe sooner than you think!
Kelly Welton (USA) CEO and Owner, The Breathing Specialist


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