The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds that make a Business Great

The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds that make a Business Great


“Trust works to create abundance and is far superior to hoarding power, harboring suspicions, or barricading oneself behind gotcha controls. . . . Mistrustful organizations are preoccupied with keeping people from doing their worst, while high-trust organizations are focused on empowering people to do their best.” 

In this smartly organized, evidence-based book, Joel Peterson decries the mediocrity created by self-centered leadership, profit-above-people mentalities, and cloak-and-dagger cultures. The JetBlue chairman and Stanford professor reawakens our instincts for using trust to catalyze people and companies to their highest potential—working together toward goals, innovating, and sharing knowledge. 

The 10 Laws of Trust offers specific trust-building ideas and examples of how integrity, respect, humility, vision, and more have helped elevate nimble startups, storied corporations, and even sinking giants grasping for a lifeline. From Google’s cafeteria design that fosters interaction to Netflix’s empowering family-leave policies, from Salesforce’s clear accountability mechanism to Zappos’ radical openness with sales data, trusting attitudes and behaviors move the dial forward, instead of holding companies back. In high-trust organizations, long-term growth springs from this healthy, durable core. 

With trust as a guiding principle, the 10 Laws distills the essence of great leadership into simple truths that elude so many leaders—but have the power to bind people together into a business worth building. 

Joel Peterson is the chairman of JetBlue and a consulting professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Formerly the managing partner of Trammell Crow, one of the nation’s leading real estate developers, he is chairman of the investment firm he founded in 1995, Peterson Partners. 

David A. Kaplan worked for 25 years at Newsweek and Fortune. A New York Times bestselling author, he is now a media consultant and teaches journalism and law at NYU.

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