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Killing Karoline

by Sara-Jayne King

Born Karoline King in 1980 in Johannesburg South Africa, Sara-Jayne (as she will later be called by her adoptive parents) is the result of an affair,illegal under apartheid’s Immorality Act, between a white British woman and her black South African employee.

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Four in the Morning

by Phillipa Mitchell

To the outside world, Claudia Stevenson has the perfect life: a fulfilling marriage, two gorgeous children and a successful career. But behind closed doors she is living her own secret nightmare. A verbally abusive relationship has left her with more questions than answers, more self-doubt than self-love. An unintended love triangle threatens to destroy her world...

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They’re your Rules…Break Them

by Douglas Kruger

Some rules help us, but some don’t. Do you know which to ditch? And do you know how to create a dynamic, learning culture that doesn’t rely on blind bureaucracy? Elon Musk did it with Tesla and Space-X. Pixar does it too.

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by Paige Nick

When ex-president J Muza is released from prison on medical parole for an ingrown toenail, his expectations of a triumphant return to power and admiration are cruelly dashed...

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Notes on South African Income Tax 2017

By Phillip Haupt

Notes on South African Income Tax 2017 is written by Phillip Haupt, a leading tax consultant in South Africa. Phillip Haupt deals with complex tax problems, and works predominantly with leading audit firms, law firms and businesses.

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This Month's Highlights in Motivational and Business Books
Doing the Right Things Right

Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time

By Laura Stack

R417.60 Usually despatched within 3-4 weeks

Inspired by Peter Drucker's classic The Effective Executive, Laura Stack offers a productivity bible for the 21st century.  She focuses on time management strategies today's executives can use to quickly obtain profitable, productive results by managing the intersection between two critical values: effectiveness and efficiency.

10 Laws of Trust

10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds that Make a Business Great

By Joel Peterson

Usually despatched within 3-4 weeks


In this smartly organised, evidence-based book, Joel Peterson decries the mediocrity created by self-centered leadership, profit-above-people mentalities, and cloak-and-dagger cultures. The JetBlue chairman and Stanford professor reawakens our instincts for using trust to catalyse people and companies to their highest potential—working together toward goals, innovating, and sharing knowledge.

Other hot picks in Motivational and Business Books

Darn Easy: Work Half As Hard, Earn Twice As Much, While Living The Life Of Your Dreams

By Peggy McColl

Humble Consulting: How to Provide Real Help Faster

By Edgar H Schien

The Millionaire Dollar Consulting: The Professional's Guide to Growing a Practice 5th Edition (2016)

By Alan Weiss

How Performance Management is Killing Performance - and What to Do About it

By Dave Ulrich and Tamra Chandler


This Month's Highlights in Non-Fiction and General Books
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World’s Most Precious Manuscripts

The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

By Joshua Hammer

Usually despatched within 3-4 weeks

To save precious centuries-old Arabic texts from Al Qaeda, a band of librarians in Timbuktu pulls off a brazen heist worthy of Ocean’s Eleven. The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu tells the incredible story of how Haidara, a mild-mannered archivist and historian from the legendary city of Timbuktu, later became one of the world’s greatest and most brazen smugglers.


Cold Case Confession: Unravelling the Betty Ketani Murder (Alex Eliseev)

Cold Case Confession: Unravelling the Betty Ketani Murder

By Alex Eliseev

Usually despatched within 7-10 days

“If you are reading this then I am dead.” This is the opening line of a letter hidden under a carpet for a decade. The chilling words are followed by a confession to a murder committed nearly 13 years earlier. The chance discovery of the letter on 31 March 2012 reawakens a case long classified as ‘cold’, and a hunt begins for the men who kidnapped and killed Betty Ketani – and were convinced they had gotten away with it.  

Other hot picks in Non-Fiction

From Whiskey to Water

By Sam Cowen

The Way I See it: Musings of a Black Woman in the Rainbow Nation

By Lerato Tshabalala

The Fires Beneath: The Life of Monica Wilson, South African Anthropologist

By Sean Morrow


This Month's Highlights in Fiction
Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

By Irna Van Zyl

Usually despatched within 7-10 days


Dead in the Water is Irna van Zyl’s highly anticipated debut thriller. Set on the coast near Hermanus in the fictitious town of Grootbaai, shark-cagediving capital of the world, the novel features oddball detective Storm van der Merwe. Stocky, smart and unconventional, Storm was banished to Hermanus after demonstrating against the shooting of beached whales.

Gold Never Rusts

Gold Never Rusts

By Paul-Constant Smit

Usually despatched within 7-10 days

After stumbling across records of an ancient gold-seeking expedition to Africa, Con Slaughter – adventurer, prospector, gunfighter – strikes it rich on the Barberton gold fields. But the intrepid American is soon on the move again, fearing a bullet in the back due to his involvement in a plot between England and Germany... 
Other hot picks in Fiction

Me Before You (Film Tie-in Edition)

By Jojo Moyes

The Way we Were

By Sinead Moriarty

Distress Signals

By Catherine Ryan Howard


Afrikaanse Boeke
Goud kan nie Roes Nie 

Goud Kan Nie Roes Nie

Deur Paul-Constant Smit

R220.80 Usually despatched within 7-10 days


Con Slaughter – myningenieur, rewolwervegter en avonturier – maak sy fortuin tydens die goudstormloop op Barberton, meer as ’n millennium nadat die koningin van Skeba ’n ekspedisie na die suide van Afrika gestuur het. Verstrengel in ’n komplot tussen Engeland en Duitsland wat die verloop van die geskiedenis kan verander, vrees Slaughter egter heeltyd ’n koeël in die rug.



Deur Irna Van Zyl

R225.60 Usually despatched within 5-7 days

’n Grieselige gesig begroet speuradjudant Storm van der Merwe en haar hond op Grootbaai se strand: die lyk van ’n jong joernalis – sonder haar arm. Vir dié kusdorpie se inwoners is dit slegte nuus; lyke wat rondlê kan die haaiduikbedryf waarvoor Grootbaai beroemd is, erge skade berokken. 


Other hot picks in Afrikaans books


Deur Karin Brynard

Die Groot Drie

Deur Francois Verster

Mishandel, Misbruik, Misken: Joey Haarhoff was my Ma

Deur Carla Van der Spuy



This Month's Highlights in Children's Books
BFG Film Tie-in Edition

The BFG: Film Tie-in Edition

By Roald Dahl

Usually despatched within 7-10 days

'Human beans is not really believing in giants, is they? Human beans is not thinking we exist.' 
On a dark, silvery moonlit night, Sophie is snatched from her bed by a giant. Luckily it is the Big Friendly Giant, the BFG, who only eats snozzcumbers and glugs frobscottle.


One (Teen Fiction)

By Sarah Crossan

R211.20 Usually despatched within 7-10 days

The ONE book you have to read this summer! The phenomenal new novel from Carnegie-shortlisted author Sarah Crossan; incredibly moving and extraordinarily crafted, it explores the unbreakable bond and love between sisters. Shortlisted for The CILIP Carnegie Medal in 2016.

Other hot picks in Children's Books

Hardy Boys Adventures 12: The Madman of Black Bear Mountain (age 10-12)

By Franklin W Dixon

The Originals

By Cat Patrick

The Oathbreaker's Shadow

By Amy McCulloch

Doll Bones

By Holly Black

This Month's Highlights in Audio Books
Finding Your Element

Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life

By Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica

R446.50 Usually despatched within 21-35 days

Sir Ken Robinson's groundbreaking book The Element introduced listeners to a new concept of self-fulfillment through the convergence of natural talents and personal passions. The Element has inspired people all over the world and has created for Robinson an intensely devoted following. Now comes the long-awaited companion, the practical guide that helps people find their own Element.

Work With Me

Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business

By Barbara Annis, John Gray, Kirsten Potter

R446.50 Usually despatched within 21-35 days 

Listeners will discover the Eight Gender Blind Spots, the false assumptions and opinions men and women have of each other, and in many ways, believe of themselves. Through research, science, and stories, Annis and Gray expose the blind spots that cause our misunderstandings, miscommunications, mistrust, resentment, and frustrations at work.

Other hot picks in Audio Books

The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary Diet-Free Way to Totally Transform Your Body

By John Gabriel, Jeffrey Kafer

The Wealth of Nations

By Adam Smith, Gildart Jackson

Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-help Techniques from EMDR Therapy

By Francine Shapiro, Karen White

The Essential Motivation Handbook 

By Leo Babauta, Eric Hamm

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

By S. Kotler, P.H. Diamandis, A. Morey

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